Winter Dreams Before and After

Not everyone can proclaim their profession is their passion, a lifestyle approach, and their hobby. Barbra Renwick of Renwick Interiors embraces all three. When not working with her clients she always has a project on the go at her elegant and family functional home.

Winter is the ideal time to think about new projects. Everyone spends more time indoors and notices deficiencies from big to small. Perhaps you are tired of the colours of your favourite room. Changing them, along with reupholstering a few pieces of furniture and adding some new accessories is a small project that can transform a room with a minimal budget.

As always, in January we feel summer is a long way off, but not in the design world. A large renovation, a new build or outdoor room needs to be planned months in advance. It is in the early stages of the project when a designer needs the most input from their client. Use the winter to dream about and plan an updated home that suits your changing needs and maximizes enjoyment of your home. Contractors can be booked in advance so there are no delays. For more than a decade one of the specialties of Renwick Interiors is imagining the little details; finding spaces you didn’t know were there and using existing features with only a slight change but they are transformed. For example: a window becomes a door, old wood trim is painted instead of replaced, new appliances and a backsplash do wonders to update.

Before and After
Before  dark and dull
Before and After
After  would love to cozy up to this fire








Before and After
Before little light appears yet many windows
Before and After
                    After winter dreams complete








Renwick Interiors often works with TA appliances (a store well known for custom appliance consultations for a kitchen upgrade). Their recent blog featured Renwick Interiors. Call soon to set up an initial consultation as before you know it spring will be here. Enjoy the post below.


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