Now you see it…Now you don’t

Just when you think you have enough drawers here’s an idea for one that you might not have considered.

Renwick Interiors has gone one step further on cooking and clean up with ease. For many, the idea of giving what you consumed in the kitchen back to the earth is an essential part of the meal preparation experience. Maintaining vegetable, herb or flower gardens is motivation to produce fertile compost. It’s amazing how quickly the bucket fills up while cooking large meals and the overflowing container on the counter is not that appealing. Sadly, on a frequent basis, my family seems quite willing to let it sit for a day or two before my teenager can be convinced to make the trek to the backyard composter. But I digress.

The drawer to the left of the sink is not a false front; in fact, it is a sliding functional innovative design. Pull it out, and a large container appears. Lift the lid, and compost is visible. Close the drawer, and now it’s out of sight. But hopefully not completely out of mind. The bottom of the container is easily lifted out from the drawer and ready for the trip to the backyard. The best part is the ease of clean up. No bending under the sink to get your bucket, and no stuffing in the organics (I always spill), it’s just one swoop of the hand and it all disappears!

This is another example of the unique small details Renwick Interiors offers when decorating for you!

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